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Starts on April 24, 2024

Application Deadline: April 24, 2024

DURATION 24 Weeks Online

(8-10 hours/ week)


Any Graduate/ Business Owner/ Home Maker

Please note that the program duration includes a break week for any festival

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing Course in Varanasi?

For students with a variety of needs, including job hunting, freelancing, and company promotion, Skillselephant provides practical Digital Marketing course in Varanasi offers a comprehensive choice of customized digital marketing courses and shortened modules.


Scope after completing Digital Marketing Coures in Varanasi

Completing a Digital Marketing course in Varanasi  for corporate will help you earn a lot of money and have a great career. The need for digital marketing professionals is reaching new heights in India, as every Indian company wants to have the greatest digital marketing team on its payroll to stay ahead of its competitors.


Build Your Carrier

in Digital Marketing 

Grow Your Business

Course Modules


The area under consideration involves various activities or sub-fields. While not each one of them is a crucial step towards the development of your career, a few of them will surely be. This entirely depends upon the direction you choose once you get into the industry for real.

However, considering the tendency of human mind to weigh the options before settling on one, the course delves into various aspects of Digital Marketing. These aspects involve campaign marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and influencer marketing along with many others.

Module 1- Fundamentals of digital marketing
Module 2- Website Development
Module 3- Search Engine Optimization
Module 4- Search Engine Marketing
Module 5- Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager
Module 6- Google Absence
Module 7- Creative Designing
Module 8- Content Marketing
Module 9- Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Module 10- Email Marketing
Module 11- E commerce - SEO
Module 12- Affiliate Marketing
Module 13- Mobile Marketing
Module 14- AI in Digital Marketing
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Key Highlights: AI Power Digital Marketing Course

  • 100+ Topics and 30+ Tools are covered in Digital Marketing 
  • We provide 100% placement assistance & prepare you for interview
  • Placement portal for student to apply for jobs
  • 3+  Industry Projects 
  • Free online access to 1000+ questions to prepare for Google Ad-words Certification
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Certificates You’ll Get within Digital Marketing course


Student’s Life at Digital Crave


Placement Partner

Student’s Testimonials

Benefits of learning Digital Marketing in Varanasi.

With the world growing increasingly digital by the day, digital marketing specialists are in great demand. Studying digital marketing may lead to a plethora of new work options in a variety of sectors

Although there are many aspects of digital marketing to comprehend, getting started is rather easy. The nature of the objectives and the scale of the marketing make it more complicated. Yet, it is all about choosing the most suitable approach for your business.

Even if you don’t know who your target audience is, digital marketing makes it possible to gather data to identify which audiences would perform best for you and build your strategy around them.

There are several targeting methods, including keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and statistical information on social media.

This massive quantity of targeting factors at your disposal ensures that every campaign reaches the right audience. It also allows you to analyze changing client habits and adjust advertisements accordingly.

The capacity to swiftly recognize changing client demands is a definite method for any firm to succeed.

By creating good content, establishing a great online presence, and using social media channels to reach a larger audience, digital marketing may aid in raising brand recognition.

FAQS: Before you Start Learning Digital Marketing in Varanasi

Q.1 What Is the Scope Of Digital Marketing?

Digital advertising is growing in Varanasi, following the IT industry. With time, the groups have identified the capability inside the many digital advertising inventive techniques. Companies are reaping the benefits of digital advertising on the internet and via different channels over traditional offline advertising. Those that have online advertising abilities and know-how to improve the advertising technique by business requirements, as well as recognize the habits of target audiences, have a great digital advertising profession and scope in Varanasi.

Q.2. What kind of businesses hire digital marketing and e-commerce specialists?

To reach and interact with their customers online, companies of every kind require digital marketing and e-commerce expertise. Jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce may be found in a variety of industries, including technology, banking, and retail.

Q.3. What is the role of a Digital Marketer?

A Digital Marketer’s job is to increase brand exposure and lead generation through digital channels, which means that they spend their days developing, uploading, or updating content, monitoring or managing social interactions and campaigns, and executing other tasks to help a company’s digital channels.


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Finding the perfect marketing firm for your company, particularly one you can trust and rely on to invest your hard-earned money in the right digital techniques,can be difficult.



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